Voltage optimisation is a well established and proven technology that matches electricity supply to the needs of the tenants’ electrical equipment.

In the UK, electricity is supplied at around 240Volts and electrical equipment manufacturers produce products that work anywhere between 207Volts and 253Volts. Although household appliances will cope with a higher voltage supply, the extra power that is not needed (over-supply) dissipates as heat and vibration within appliances, which can substantially reduce their lifespan.

Voltage optimisers reduce the voltage level at The Estates’ tenanted properties by a transformer. The units have been installed between the energy supplier‚ mains feed and the domestic supply circuit. This gives cheaper electricity (reducing electricity bills by up to 17%), cuts carbon emissions and helps prolong the life of appliances.

In times where our tenants are seeing their electricity bills rise year on year. The installation of voltage optimisation at more than 20 of The Estates’ tenanted properties is now helping our tenants to reduce their electricity bills by up to 17% a year‚ reducing each of the properties CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint of an average sized property on The Estate by up to 581kgs of CO2 a year.


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