Fishing at Glanusk

A huge welcome to you and thank you for visiting the fishing page of our website. The Glanusk Fishery has 3 beats. They are Below the Bridge, Above the Bridge and Island Beat, (available on request for one rod).  After the weather of this winter, we are all looking forward to some fine days fishing.

Fishing Season: On the Glanusk Fishery, the Salmon and Sea Trout fishing season extends from 3rd March to 17th October, and the Brown Trout season extends from 3rd March to 30th September.  Fly fishing is the only permitted method between 3rd March and 31st May.

2015 Fishery Rules

For the 2015 season the Glanusk Estate will operate a full Catch and Release system for Salmon and Sea Trout.  Owing to diminishing stocks in the Usk it is vital we retain as many fish of both genders to allow re-generation of the river and it’s tributaries.  This is in support of the recommendations of the Usk Fishing Association.

There will be no spinning or bait fishing on the Estate water unless the river is above 2 feet on the bridge gauge after 31st May to the end of the season.

Fishermen are requested to adhere to the Wye & Usk Foundation and AST methods for catch and release, and release fish as quickly and safely as possible.  We would prefer you to use barbless hooks for salmon fishing but no Trebbles are allowed on the Estate Fishery.

Trout rules: Please return smaller trout, but please do keep those over 1LB in weight and fishermen are limited to keeping 2 for supper or lunch!

Numbers of Fishermen on the Estate Fishery:

There is nothing nicer than fishing with a team, however we request that 2 fishermen are fishing at any one time on the beats above and below the bridge, and only one rod on the Island Beat.  The Estate Fishery can be taken exclusively for day/days or week if you are staying at Glanusk Lodge.

Travel throughout the Fishery:

If it is dry and firm under foot, we are more than happy for you to drive up and down the river bank.  If, however, it is wet, please use the designated car parking areas that you will find on the Fishery map online.  This map is also available at the Estate Office. For information and access to the Island Beat, please contact the Estate Office.

Picnic lunches are available on request to the Estate Office; and the Estate pub, the Nantyffin Cider Mill, welcomes all fishermen for all types of refreshment. This is situated on the north bank on the Below the Bridge beat.

Ghillies and guides are available on request, as is tuition.

Prices for 2015:

Salmon: £45.00 per rod, per day

Trout: £35.00 per rod, per day

As part of the on-going challenges facing the River Usk and it’s tributaries, the UFA which is the owners association, needs to have funds to protect and enhance the river and streams. 2015 sees many challenges ahead and the UFA needs fishermen’s support.  With this in mind, the Glanusk Fishery will make a contribution from the daily fees to the UFA.  The UFA would also of course greatly appreciate all fishermen who fish the Usk and it’s tributaries becoming full members.  All details are available at

Glanusk Fishery Map 2014




“This has to be fishing’s best kept secret. Fabulous trout on the dry fly, a really good chance of a Salmon and all within easy driving distance from London. The Glanusk Estate near Crickhowell in Wales offers everything any fisher could want. We stayed in Glanusk Lodge where the pools of the renowned River Usk are all in walking distance within the beautiful private estate grounds – a luxury not often found. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed”.

“I fished Glanusk on Monday with a friend and I wanted to say thank you for an excellent day.

We received a very warm welcome when we checked in at the estate office. Having been slightly disorganised and left most of our flies behind, fly advice was given and the offer of spare flies was made. We were given a very useful map and the most likely pools were highlighted.

The river was in wonderful condition and is clearly expertly looked after. We fished most of the pools over the day and I had two large wild brownies on a small stoat’s tail including on of 2.5-3lbs at Bungalow rocks. With the last cast of the day my friend hooked a 15lb salmon also at Bungalow rocks. As it was landed, we both saw 2 otters playing in the pool from which the salmon came. It is hard to imagine a better ending to the day.

Many thanks and we look forward to coming back next year.

Best regards,

Charlie Newington-Bridges”



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